Triple the profitability of consultants and financial service providers without them having to double their own marketing expenses – the secret formula
Financial planners and advisors in one or more of the following areas need digital marketing like any other business:

mortgage advisors
Investment consultants
retirement advisors
Family financial advisers
Insurance consultants
Advisers of training and pension funds and much more.

They dream of becoming the number 1 business in their market and that new customers will flow to them like water every month

They want to break the tough routine they’re in right now, where they’re picking scraps from client to client without having yet reached their big break.

They want to double and triple the profitability of their marketing without having to double the marketing expenses themselves.

They want to charge twice as much as their competitors because they deliver such good results that customers won’t mind paying as long as they continue to receive service from them. The problem is that people don’t know you are professional until they meet you. In the meantime, your competitors who do a good marketing job are robbing you of your customers and revenue.

However, in order to adapt the marketing of the business to this unique field of activity, it is essential to understand how each platform can contribute to the marketing efforts.

Since financial planning and economic management are areas of an organized industry with clear rules, quite a few professionals fear that digital marketing will violate the rules of the game, and therefore avoid marketing at all or they reduce their digital marketing to limited platforms only. In practice, the limitations, as always, exist more in the head. In reality, everything is possible within the existing laws.

Triple the profitability of consultants and financial service providers without them having to double the marketing expenses themselves – the secret formula
The best thing that can be concluded from this is that, due to the amount of consultants who do not take advantage of the potential offered by digital marketing, our clients gain leverage and are ahead of the competition, sometimes, faster than expected.

So what marketing strategies can benefit you?
Sponsored promotion on Google:
Within 48 hours you can set up a sponsored Google search campaign based on keywords that we defined in advance and start receiving inquiries and leads from potential customers.

Search engine marketing aims to present your website as one of the top search results whenever a user searches for services related to your business.

For example, if you are engaged in financial consulting in Hod Hasharon, when a user searches for “financial advisor Hod Hasharon”, your name will appear as one of the top search results.

Sponsored advertising is everywhere, sponsored ads are a wonderful way to strengthen your brand and generate inquiries and sales immediately with the help of working with a digital marketing agency, which understands the needs and limitations of the financial industry, can help you build an advertising strategy that will meet the company’s goals without violating industry laws.


Organic Google SEO (SEO)
When your website ranks high on the first page of Google, it means that Google has supposedly “signed” you as the authority in the field! And it is our job to make Google understand that you are an authority in the field. As soon as your website appears on the first page, it receives more exposure to relevant users and hot leads, as they will find relevant and reliable information on your website, and thus you will receive regular user traffic and plenty of opportunities to present your services to those who are looking for them. Also, in today’s era, users know how to distinguish between sponsored results and organic results, and organics are considered the best lead generators on the Internet.

The optimization is designed to build the best infrastructure to improve your digital presence in Google’s organic search results. Read more about organic website promotion on Google.

Search engine optimization means making the site accessible to Google and the user according to phrases we have decided to promote in the long term. Among other things, this means that we will make sure to create content that customers are actively looking for, keyword research, setting up dedicated pages to promote a specific phrase, meta tags and many other interesting things. If your business is important to you and you see yourself in the long term in the market giving a fight to your competitors, you must focus on SEO, because this is what gives you a competitive advantage over others for wider exposure.

We can talk a lot about the importance of the site. There is no doubt that this is the most important digital asset that you must cultivate, as it is your digital business card, and the place to which you want to drain all the traffic of your users and potential customers on the network. For this reason, the site must be accessible, adapted to all devices (responsive), designed according to the brand values ​​and branding language, rich in informative and marketing content and, of course, offer a user experience of the highest level.

Two of the biggest benefits of an SEO digital marketing strategy are:
Financial savings of tens of thousands of shekels per year
Very hot leads for free!
To do this optimally, you should conduct keyword research, which will reveal what people in your niche are searching for on Google, and try to use this knowledge when creating your content for a better SEO ranking on Google.

Speaking of a website, it is important to make it clear that this is your only digital asset, since a Facebook page, an Instagram page, a Tiktok page or any other social media page is not your property, since tomorrow morning Facebook can turn off the switch and so can Google, and then what? Therefore, the website and the mailing list that you will cultivate over time are the exclusive assets of your business and they cannot be taken from you. Quite a few business owners fall into this issue and it is our duty as a digital agency to make things accessible.

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Marketing in Google Business (Google My Business)
If you are taking your first steps in the digital arena, start by improving your local presence. Although the services you provide can be spread over a wide radius, it is always good to create a reputation for yourself in the environment in which you operate, especially for those who are important to meet you face to face.

Marketing on Google Business will ensure that you appear in local searches, so that everyone around you will find you

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