Business owners and service providers in the field of beauty, aesthetics and cosmetics in one or more of the following areas need digital marketing like any other business:

Makeup and permanent makeup
Beauty advice
Hair Design
cosmetic treatments
Clinic of aesthetic treatments
Transplantation, filling and hair extensions
Trade websites for the sale of care and beauty products
nail builders
They dream of becoming the number 1 business in their market and that new customers will flow to them like water every month.

They want to break the tough routine they’re in right now, where they’re picking scraps from client to client without having yet reached their big break.

They want to double and triple the profitability of their marketing without having to double the marketing expenses themselves.

They want to charge twice as much as their competitors because they deliver such good results that customers won’t mind paying as long as they continue to receive service from them. The problem is that people don’t know you are professional until they meet you. In the meantime your competitors who do a good marketing job and rob you of your customers and revenue.

The field of beauty and cosmetics is one of the fields of activity whose services demand never ceases to rise. If in the past the niche appealed mainly to women who wanted to look beautiful and well-groomed, today, the ever-increasing awareness has led to the fact that the field of beauty and cosmetics appeals to wide and diverse audiences, including men, women who want to delay and even eliminate the damage of time, teenage boys and girls who want to find solutions to various skin problems, men And women who desire abundant and full hair and more.

It cannot be ignored that over the past two years the entire beauty industry has been redefined, and as the values ​​and expectations of consumers have changed, beauty companies and service providers have had to adapt. In the shock of the corona epidemic, retail sales in stores collapsed, many brands switched to producing hand sanitizers and cleaning products, and some even offered free beauty services. At the same time, industry leaders in Israel and the world stepped up to ensure that their businesses would survive.

As the global crisis emerges, businesses and beauty brands face extraordinary challenges, not only in their e-commerce and digital marketing strategies, but with the ongoing changes in consumer behavior brought about by the pandemic.

As in the past, even now everyone dreams of being a leader in their field, keeping the existing customers and pouring new customers into their business who will be willing to reach out to them and not compromise on any other professional. However, the competition in the market in view of the huge supply of online service providers has created a daily war that they face, when on the one hand, new service providers emerge every day that break the market prices, and on the other hand, there are professionals who are branded as leaders in their field and are gaining a reputation and a loyal customer base that is willing to invest more if only to to be and feel more beautiful.

The understanding that marketing the business in the digital arena has permeated all areas of practice in the field of beauty and cosmetics. There is no doubt that the significant advantage of the businesses in this field is reflected in results that can be seen and proven, and everyone understands that the variety of marketing channels available make it possible to take advantage of this advantage powerfully.

However, since there are quite a few marketing channels, choosing the right channels for each business and allocating marketing resources can be confusing. In order to stand out and get exposure, you need to know where to market, how and when. And like hair styling or face sculpting, this too is an art in its own right.

All the most powerful digital marketing platforms in the field of beauty and aesthetics
Let’s examine how the marketing strategy and the various digital marketing channels can put your business in front of the target audience:
Social media marketing
Beauty brands and cosmetics service providers have embraced social media, and are using it to increase brand awareness of their business, ultimately generating revenue and sales.

The strategy for businesses from these areas should include building a social media presence on channels such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok by utilizing the social aspect of discovering, buying and using different products and services.

A digital marketing strategy for your brand should include, among other things, sponsored advertising on Google, advertising on Facebook and Instagram, because on these platforms the large majority of your target audience is found every day, during most hours of the day, and therefore this is your opportunity to reach relevant customers at a much faster rate than organic posts.

With message-focused ads, you can actively reach out but only to people who might be interested in your cosmetic product or service. If you have businesses based only in Israel, why would you want to be exposed to people in France? If you are trying to target a new audience with a special offer, why waste money advertising to existing customers. it makes no sense.

With ad targeting, you can control your geographic location and target audience to ensure that your ads are only shown to who you want, and no one else.

Organic website promotion in Google SEO
A strategy for the organic promotion of your website on Google is one of the pillars of a successful digital marketing strategy that must be implemented in any business that sees itself in the long term. Imagine how many free hits at no cost you can (on a daily basis) get to your site for competitive phrases that your site stars in on the first page organically.

Understanding SEO is essential to significantly increase your traffic and brand awareness organically and independent of advertising budgets. In fact, 93% of your online experiences start with a search engine, which is why organic SEO is essential to the success of your business. Basing your marketing only on funded in the end will not pay off in the long run, because as soon as your advertising budget for that day runs out, so does your website. Organic SEO requires resourcefulness, dedication, persistence and creativity, mainly due to the ever-changing nature of Google’s algorithm.

The more your site is ranked with more organic expressions on the first page of Google, the more visits to the site and with them leads and referrals, which leads to more sales and increased business turnover, and most importantly, each click will not cost you money.

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