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The Gilad Krein agency offers digital advertising services on all platforms aimed at responding to brands and companies that want to stand out from their competitors, in a fresh and contemporary spirit while constantly combining winning content and bringing results. All the agency’s employees are some of the leading performers in Israel, community managers and content creators – in short, the people you should best put your brand in their hands!

marketing strategy

We lead the organization and accompany it in the process from the formation phase, the thinking to the construction of the operative plan for activity in the digital channels. A marketing strategy is the basis for all marketing and advertising activities of the organization. We build a marketing strategy that includes the definition of messages, market research, audience analysis and the distribution of media budgets and the data-based technological tools for the various platforms.

Managing sponsored PPC campaigns

We specialize in managing campaigns on all platforms. Our ability to adapt each product and message to another platform allows us to bring maximum results from each platform, thereby maximizing and accurate content distribution. Of course we specialize in targeting all audiences and creating an exact match between the message and the client. In this way, we can maximize visits to your website and landing pages and generate sales and leads for you in the cheapest and most efficient way. We make sure to use the most innovative tools available for the task, and of course we keep you updated by producing weekly reports.

Promotion of ecommerce sites

We build campaigns for e-commerce sites and focus on marketing the product to the potential customer by creating a winning creative and buying the right media. In addition to this, this method allows us to accurately measure and collect data to track visits and purchases on the site, this data is exposed at any time and we will use it to exhaust the sales capabilities. We know how to manage the sales funnel from a variety of advertising channels and always make sure to maintain a positive ROI.

Starting From Scratch

Background: Strauss Water’s recruitment department contacted us in order to recruit employees for their various positions: technicians, service and sales centers and more.

Evolve and Existing Brad

The challenge: Since Strauss Water emphasizes the branding of their employees, which has the value of equality engraved on its banner – we were challenged to find an audience from the Arab society that would undergo a very strict screening under the HR department of Strauss Water.

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